Virtual Office is the Future of Businesses

Defeo, Israel “Virtual Office is the Future of Businesses” Posted April 11, 2014

Virtual Office is the Future of Businesses

Several trends have come together that point to a bright future for virtual offices around the world. First and foremost, there’s globalization. Businesses can set up their headquarters in one place and set up their manufacturing and operations somewhere else, even if it’s overseas. Second, there’s outsourcing. Businesses can start a contract with specialized businesses that can take care of some of their non-core functions. Then there’s telecommuting. Employees can work from home or anywhere they feel they can be productive.

All of these trends favor virtual offices. There are so many virtual offices that have sprung up around the world that businesses need only pick where to set up their headquarters. There’s no stopping them now from going global. They can set up their virtual office in the center of New York’s Manhattan, in Japan’s capital Tokyo, or even in Malaysia’s bustling capital Kuala Lumpur.

Not only can businesses easily set up virtual offices in the capitals of highly advanced countries like the US or Japan, businesses can also set up virtual offices in developing countries to take advantage of the growth opportunities there, or to test the markets. Since businesses have full control of how long they need virtual offices, they have the flexibility to scale their operations as quickly as they need it.

The outsourcing trend has been going on for more than a decade now and virtual office services also stand to benefit from this trend. Outsourcing refers to an arrangement where businesses obtain goods or services from an outside supplier. In the case of virtual offices, businesses get to outsource their office management needs to the virtual office provider. They don’t have to worry about paying for a secretary or for people to clean the office. The provider also takes care of all the other stuff necessary to run an office, such as paying for the bills.

The availability of Internet connection has also made telecommuting a great option for businesses. Businesses don’t have to spend on office space for their employees to work in if they allow their employees to telecommute. The time saved by avoiding the travel time to go to work can be spent with family, and this increases work-life balances for employees.

For businesses that choose virtual offices, they can use the facility to interact with clients, while their telecommuting employees handle the business end from their home offices.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Office

  • Prestigious Business Address: How many businesses can say that they’re office is right smack in the middle of Manhattan or London? Location is everything and having a business address in a prestigious location makes your business stand out in the eyes of potential clients.
  • Meeting Rooms: Some virtual offices provide meeting rooms that members can use for their business meetings. Meeting your clients at a posh location impresses them and helps you close deals!
  • Communication Services: If you want it to be truly virtual, choosing the right internet service provider is all you need to take care of. You can use the virtual office’s address to receive mail and parcels, which they can forward to your address. They can also provide answering services through a receptionist, voice mail, and other communication options. You can use your internet connection to receive messages from your virtual office provider.
  • Business Amenities: Aside from meeting rooms, virtual offices can also provide lounges, video conferencing equipment, and high speed internet connection.
  • Low costs: Businesses enjoy cost savings through virtual offices because they don’t have to spend on the costs of an actual office. A virtual office costs just a fraction of what it would cost compared to renting or leasing an actual office in a prestigious location.

There are so many advantages to getting a virtual office. Globalization, outsourcing, and telecommuting are the worldwide trends that will only boost the need for virtual offices. Through virtual offices, businesses get a prestigious address and they get access to business services that allow them to focus on the things that matter most to them. Businesses get all of the benefits of having a prestigious address at a fraction of the cost and they get to take their pick on which city to set up their virtual office to make them a truly global business.


This guest post is written by Israel Defeo. He writes for CompareHero, the leading financial online financial comparison portal in Malaysia. He is active in promoting the website’s informative guides including the ones about credit card, deposit, loan and broadband.

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