Do you spend more time trying to obtain new customers/clients than you do engaging with your existing base?

Did you know that losing a client costs you more money since you’ve already invested the time to attract them?

It’s much easier to build a strategy to keep your clients “in love” with what you have to offer and, perhaps, increase their spending. Do you have a customer engagement plan, or has the focus been solely on new sales?

Once you decide to put a plan in place, it’s also important to be creative in the opportunities you create for your customers/clients.

The Little Surprises
We all love an unexpected gift, and it doesn’t matter the size. Think about what you can offer that will bring a smile, not break the bank, and perhaps promote a new offering (i.e., try before you buy). You could surprise someone for their birthday or anniversary of their first purchase, with a note and a gift voucher.

Personal Phone Call
Did someone make a large purchase or buy something that needs some more navigation to use? Give the buyer a call, walk them through it, or give them useful tips to make the best use of that item. They’ll remember you for it, and if they’re not available via phone, send them a note with the information you were going to discuss with them.

Provide Valuable Information
Do you have a service that helps others with their personal or professional development? Provide a free online workshop, or, if you have access to others who offer free online learning, point them in that direction if it’s not in direct competition to what you do. Many are so busy; they don’t have time to be on the lookout for these types of opportunities. When you show you care in a way that has a positive impact on them personally, they will remember that when they’re ready to order or purchase a service the next time.

Be Ready to Respond
Do you have a small team? It’s crucial to ensure you do not miss a response to one of your initiatives, as that means wasted time and money. Your bandwidth may be on overdrive, so get help if you need it. A qualified virtual services company can assist with responding to emails sent to a dedicated address that you’ve associated with the campaign or answering questions for incoming calls. They can help track calls and move things forward in the right direction, so the customer/client is happy and not kept waiting.

Measure Your Efforts
It’s helpful to know your retention rate before you get started so that you can test the waters and see what type of engagement strategies are successful.

Now take a bit of time and come up with some creative strategies that will keep them coming back for more.

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