3 Simple Steps to Marketing Even If You Hate Marketing

PW, Michele, Getentrepreneurial.com, “3 Simple Steps to Marketing Even If You Hate Marketing.” http://getentrepreneurial.com/archives/3-simple-steps-to-marketing-even-if-you-hate-marketing/  Posted: Nov 2nd 2011. Retrieved May 18th, 2012. Of all the things entrepreneurs struggle with, this one is probably the most difficult and most dangerous. Why? Because it directly impacts the success of your business. I know I’m not revealing any big eye-opening […]

Three Steps to More Word-of-Mouth–and More Business

Goodman, Gail, Entrepreneur, “Three steps to More Word-of-Mouth–and More Business.” http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/223548  Posted: May 14th 2012. Retrieved May 14th, 2012. In the days before social media and the Internet, it wasn’t as easy to listen in on your customers’ conversations about your company. Nor could you easily encourage people to spread the good word about your business through word-of-mouth. But when […]

8 Ways to Market Your Home Business

Attard, Janet, BusinessKnow-How.com, “8 Ways to Market Your Home Business.” http://www.businessknowhow.com/homeoffice/hbmarket.htm Posted: Unknown. Retrieved March 14th, 2012. — We thought this was an interesting and relevant article. We also wanted to add that another great way to market your home business is hiring a virtual assistant to help with setting up and content posing on your social media […]

7 Killer Tools to Boost Sales in 2012

Kehrer, Daniel, MarketingMatters.Dexone.com, “7 Killer Tools to Boost Sales in 2012.” http://marketingmatters.dexone.com/1522/6-killer-tools-boost-sales-2012/?elqCampaignId=15 Posted December 1st, 2012. Retrieved January 19th, 2012. — We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting tools to save money, boost sales and streamline marketing operations. Here are seven killer picks worth a look now: 1. Send “handwritten” thank you notes easily online […]