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We have a number of examples of clients we’ve lost, which is normally a negative thing, however, when we lose a client, it means we helped them grow to a point where they can stand on their own. It’s ALL GOOD!

Below is an example of such a client…


Dr. Lamar Ingulli was referred to 317 Virtual Services from a Mental Health Counselor, who was a client and participating on a Florida Mental Health Councilors forum. At that time, Dr. Ingulli was a solo practitioner and her office was located in Tampa, FL. The services that Dr. Ingulli offered were in high demand because of the specialized testing she offered for patients of all ages, from birth and beyond.

She was struggling to grow her practice while at the same time trying to balance between work and spending time with her young son. To be successful, she needed to have the ability to answer the phones and manage the initial intake process, while at the same time, perform the actual specialized testing that averaged up to 8 hours a day. At this point, she realized the only way it was possible to grow her business, was to outsource some of the administrative tasks that were preventing her from properly performing her core service.


After she received the referral, she reached out to 317 Virtual Services to discuss her business needs. They customized a solution where they would answer the phones, complete the patient intakes and schedule appointments.

Now that Dr. Ingulli had far fewer administrative tasks, she was able to hire another Doctor to help with her continually growing case load. After 6-months she hired two more doctors which further freed up more time to focus on additional specialized testing. She hired another doctor and a full-time receptionist a year later. This allowed her to focus on the bigger picture for her business, which in-turn provided her with more of a work/life balance. After a year and a half she hired another full-time receptionist, which reduced the services required of 317, however they continued to still handle incoming calls and patient intakes. Soon, Dr Ingulli had three full time receptionists and 6 Doctors, including herself.


Due to the consistent help of 317, Dr. Ingulli now had the infrastructure required to successfully manage the practice on their own. This was accomplished because she had the opportunity to keep staffing costs down (317 is 10% of the traditional employee model), while consistently increasing her profit margin. She used this income to hire as needed and invest in her business, which allowed her to grow into the strong practice she is today. None of this could have been accomplished without the help of 317 Virtual Services.

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When our clients no longer need our services, it means we helped them grow!