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317 Virtual Services has been helping companies in and around Central Florida achieve business growth and customer satisfaction.

Are you spending too much time returning calls, sending emails, confirming appointments, and playing catch up in the office? The stress of those extra hours can affect your relationships, family, and health. That’s when we, as virtual assistants, come into play. We will help you regain that balance between work and family life.


Creating a work/life balance is not easily attainable. Ties to the workplace are ever present in the form of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other technologies. Learning to shut down and leave work at the office isn’t always easy in today’s society. Our lives have become steadily more hectic and we tend to lose ourselves in the everyday hustle.  Home becomes the office, dinner with family and friends is wrought with checking emails, relaxing and decompressing becomes a thing of the past. Your family and social life should not suffer to have a successful business. When your personal and social life begin to suffer, it’s time to step back and learn to delegate. 317 Virtual Services will step in and cater to your business’s needs. Now, you can attend that soccer practice or friend’s birthday party while 317 removes the stress associated with hours of work.

Alexis Daly, the VP of Operations of 317 Virtual Services started her career in the executive office industry in 2005, through an internship attained through the University of Central Florida. Working as an assistant at a franchised Executive Suite with two locations in Orlando, Alexis quickly learned the ins and out of the industry. She became the salesperson for both locations before being promoted to Operations Manager. In that time, Alexis managed over 300 clients between the two locations. When the owners of that company decided to close their doors in 2011, Alexis was approached to start a new business, focusing more on the virtual arena, while utilizing the same skills and expertise garnered throughout her career. On April 1, 2011, 317 Virtual Services opened for business!

“We truly care about all of the entrepreneurs we work with,” Alexis said. “I understand that their business is their baby and often times they have sunk their life savings into fulfilling their dream. I pride myself on providing superior customer service at all times. We offer warm friendly smiles on the phone, making sure to project the best image and first impressions for our clients. We want to be part of elevating their business to the next level, share in their successes, and offer them consultation on how to more efficiently and effectively run their back-end support.


“As a single mom and entrepreneur, I understand firsthand how hard it is to run a business and have work/life balance. That is why I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs get back to what matters most, and alleviate the stress of the administrative and clerical back-end tasks of running a business. Through our phone and administrative support, we help you find more time in your day, to focus on what you need to do.”

Alexis Daly, VP of Operations