Do you have an employee (or employees) that haven’t tackled the art of getting organized? For some, it’s how they manage every aspect of their lives and still make it through in a productive manner.
For others, their intentions are to get organized, but they lack the necessary skills. Unfortunately, many times this results in overlooking essential tasks accompanied by a lot of frustration.
Before addressing the issue appropriately, you must determine the underlying cause and if it’s genuinely an organizational challenge or there’s something more urgent that needs to be addressed, such as:
  • Are your employees overworked and beginning to burn out?
  • Have priorities shifted, and leadership did not fully inform the team?

These challenges can cause poor performance, but each requires a different approach to a resolution.

If you have an open line of communication with your employees, where they do not fear repercussions should they be honest, then getting answers is easier.

Sometimes it’s just about asking the right questions in an open forum or allowing them to voice their concerns openly.

But again, these steps require a safe environment to verbally help you get to the bottom of some negative behavior. Some sound advice is to preface the conversation by saying what you want to accomplish and that it isn’t a “bitching” session but a productive conversation.

When employees feel they’re being heard, you’ll find that this will encourage them to be more open moving forward before things go back to the way they were.

You’ve Learned About Your Employees Challenges, Now What?
An excellent example of progress is to learn from it. If you demonstrate to your employees that you’re taking this seriously by implementing it into your overall strategy, the buy-in and trust will continue to grow.

And, if you have managers, it’s essential to give them the power and same open line of communication, so they have the resources needed to help their teams succeed. They are on your front lines and can relay progress and further employee input to continuously improve.

Back in the Office
Many of us are back in person at work and may have a difficult time feeling connected. Some of the above strategies will help bridge the gap and help your employees feel connected. And they’ll feel supported by management.
Change will happen, and if you position your company to be a place where you can constructively discuss challenges, morale and production will increase exponentially.
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