International Women’s Day was March 8th, but throughout the month of March is Women’s History Month. We celebrate and remember the trailblazers who fought for women’s equality for then, now, and in the future. Some women were more present and easy to identify, but we also need to remember those behind the scenes in a more low-key manner and just as valuable.

Celebrating Women’s History Month is an excellent opportunity to unite your office to support this incredible movement.

To follow are some ideas to get you started.
  • Leadership Roles
  • Look around your place of business. Are there currently women in leadership positions? If not, that is something you should think about and determine if it’s not something you considered before, and if so, why. We realize that many small businesses have limited staff, so the ratio of women to men may be a little different.
Women on the Rise in Business

There has been a considerable increase in the number of women who launch businesses. In support of that, there are women-focused organizations whose mission is to propel the growth of women in business, providing guidance both personally and professionally.

When these individuals support these businesses, it helps us to break down barriers to allow more women to join in entrepreneurship. How can you help?
  • Purchase products
  • Use their services
  • Tell others about their business
Women Influencers Through Their Writing
More and more women are becoming authors and giving us their perspective on everything from “diversity” to “creating a balance between their home and work life.” Women have a story to tell, and it’s exciting when it makes it to other languages and across borders.

Read their books and share with others. Share what you’ve read with younger generations who are aspiring to reach for the stars.

Politics Has a Place for Women

Without getting “political,” it’s essential to have more leaders in this arena. After all, women make up half of the population, and having a voice is how we make strides toward better opportunities.

Politicians will need to have the ability to troubleshoot and remain calm under stress. Women have already adopted leadership behaviors as they have a high level of resilience in a crisis.
Get involved by learning about what’s happening in your community and taking action if it’s an area you are passionate about. When you get to know your local leaders, they can help guide you, so everyone is moving toward a common goal.
There are many ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month in addition to remembering some of these ideas year-round. How will you celebrate?
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