Wellness at the Office

We’re now at the point where many of us are back at the office full time, or a hybrid of remote/in-person. Some of us incorporate a wellness mindset daily, while others fit it in when they are able with no rhyme or reason. When we refer to wellness, we are talking about physical health AND mental soundness in the workplace.
Most of us want to feel our best selves as we tend to perform better at the office when we’re in good health. If you’re interested in functioning at your peak, we have listed some ideas to accomplish this goal below.
Dedicated Lunch Time

Many of us grab our lunch, bring it to our desks, and continue working or using our “off-time” to browse social media or catch up on emails. This behavior is usually out of habit or continuing to keep our minds busy.

When you eat at your desk, you’re not taking the mental break, and dedicating your usual lunchtime to yourself, could be one of your most significant moves toward wellness.

When you take a real lunch break, you’ll see changes, such as:
  • Improved mood
  • Higher level of attention at work
  • Clearer mind
This exercise may be more difficult for those of us used to working from home, as our kitchens were at arm’s length. And, eating throughout the day, we rarely stepped away for that much-needed break.
Enhance Your Surroundings
Add some plants around your workstation. It gives an automatic facelift, but it’s also proven that having plants nearby helps reduce stress and improve your mood.
Don’t have a green thumb? No worries, there are plenty of low-maintenance options, so you don’t need to miss out on the benefits of having some greenery in your immediate vicinity.
Let’s Get Physical

Whether you work from home or back at the office, the only movement may be from your desk to the kitchen or bathroom.

Our challenge to you is to include at least 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. This doesn’t mean a trip to the gym unless you want to, but activities that cause you to move. And, don’t just leave it up to chance that you’ll do it – put it on your calendar, so it’s part of your day.

  • Take a break and stroll around your building or in your neighborhood.
  • Turn on an exercise or yoga video and move that body.
When you keep your muscles active, you’ll increase blood flow and become more alert. Between your walks, you can do quick stretches for your neck and back. And make sure to stand up frequently, so your legs are allowed to stretch.
Use Your Vacation Days
Some of us are workaholics, which is fine if you have balance. But, if you have earned time off, take it. It’s a fact that those who take a total break from work are more productive and creative. Not to mention HAPPIER.
Many things have changed, and it can be a big adjustment when it happens in the workplace. Embrace the change and focus on a positive attitude. You’ll feel the difference, and others will appreciate having you around. Are you ready to take the road to wellness?
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