No matter the size of your business, increasing sales and revenue is at the forefront of your goals. Sometimes it’s tough to try to run your company while being strategic about continuing to grow it.
If you’re wearing many hats until you get to the point where you can bring in more help, scaling your business can be challenging. You can do some things to make it easier, but it will still require hard work. And if you’re a true entrepreneur, this comes naturally to you.

Customer Service is Essential
It takes a while to build a loyal customer base, and as you do that, it’s essential to develop plans to keep them committed to purchasing your products and services. One of the biggest complaints people have about a company is the lack of customer service. Nothing is more frustrating than not getting a response or having their question answered promptly. Especially if it’s a time-sensitive purchase, no response usually means they’ll find what they need elsewhere.

If your customer base is happy, now’s a great time to implement a solid referral program. Check out our earlier blog “Build a Solid Referral Program” with some great tips on how to do that effectively.

And remember, it’s easier to retain customers than secure new ones, which can be costly. The only way you’ll grow is to do both: RETAIN and GROW!

TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE GOLD, and you’ll reap the rewards.
Take Steps to Meet New People

Today we meet people via a combination of in-person and online networking. Check out professional or industry organizations and find out what they are doing to get people together. Attend the events even if you don’t think you will know anyone. Not knowing anyone is even better as it will force your attention on meeting new people versus catching up with ones you already know. Remember, it’s technically a marketing activity for your business, so leave the social part for other times.
Make a Promise and Keep It

Nothing is more solid than your word. If you make a promise to a customer, do everything you can to make it happen. This golden rule applies to all aspects of what you do. Did you join a committee to help your favorite organization and also get closer to people you respect? If you accept a task, it’s crucial to follow through, always.

If you don’t, they’ll associate that with your integrity and think it carries over into how you do business.

Strategic Alliances are Key

If you meet someone that could never use your product or service, don’t delete them from your database. Those people could very well be an asset as strategic partners. For instance, you may be a Realtor and have just met a mortgage broker. You both have the same target audience. Build that relationship, and when you feel comfortable (know like and trust), approach them about working together to refer each other’s services. There are so many examples, but that’s an example you can apply in different scenarios.
Keep Track of Progress

As you continue to build a growth plan, keep a record of what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to continue doing something that isn’t working. For instance, if you’re not retaining customers doing what you’re doing, try something different. And even better, ask your customers BEFORE they leave what makes them happy about your product or service.
We’re heading into 2022, and this is the time to ramp up your growth plans for your business. What are your next steps?
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