Are you a business owner who understands the importance of a quality administrative assistant? Or, do you think they’re there to get the grunt work accomplished so you can run the company? If you’re the latter, we hope to shed some light on how your company’s admin(s) help you improve your bottom line.
First and foremost, many administrative assistants are the actual gatekeeper to the rest of your company. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person office or have a hundred employees; the person(s) in this role is responsible for many tasks that help you move through your day as an executive of your business.
Your Data is Your Gold
Information comes in. Information goes out.

Your administrative assistant is generally the manager of that process. You create the data, and he/she distributes it.

The right person will understand and protect absolutely everything you give them. And will only provide the information to the people you have designated.

There are company secrets, proprietary information, and other data that could harm your company should it get into the wrong hands.

The right person will understand and follow the protocols as set forth by your company. In other words, they will be your eyes and ears to ensure this knowledge is protected.
Your Schedule is Your Pipeline

If you forget about a meeting, conference call, or deadline, you could be throwing money out of the window. Your administrative assistant is in charge of coordinating these meetings and demonstrating to other involved parties how professional your organization is.

Many of these meetings involve potential sales, which makes it an even more important task as it’s the lifeline of your company.

Your schedule needs to run as efficiently as possible to focus on the tasks that help propel your company. If you cannot do your job effectively, your business will suffer. Take advantage of the skills and organized manner an excellent administrative assistant offers.

Ensure Accuracy
A good admin can be your second set of eyes on material that is about to be distributed. Many executives work so quickly to meet deadlines, etc. Possessing the ability to have someone else, who cares about the outcome, check it out before it’s released is priceless as the goal is to make you and your company represent well.
Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Every company has a chief person (most likely it’s you) who is responsible for the overall well-being of the business. If things are sloppy or don’t flow as they should, everyone suffers.

A quality admin understands the tasks necessary to the company and is there to help you do your job even better. After all, if the company does well, everyone does well, correct?

In summary, don’t neglect to appreciate the value your administrative assistant(s) bring to your company. They are there to support your efforts and help to make your company shine.
As always, please think of us if you are not ready to hire a full-time employee. We’re here to offer the same support and quality of work in an outsourced model. We possess all of the above traits and more and treat your company as if you fully employed us.
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