Whether you have always worked from home, or just getting your feet wet, there are some best practices you can follow to remain comfortable, and, productive. Plus, you’ll be happier in business, and your personal life.

Separate Your Two Worlds
We can’t stress how crucial it is to keep your business hours separate from your personal time. If you have family at home, sit down and express how crucial it is for you to have dedicated time to work, hopefully without interruption. When you’ve finished working, close the door and focus on your personal well-being.

Your Work Space
What is the atmosphere that makes you the most productive, while ensuring work gets done? You need to have a functional, but pleasant work environment.

Keep the items you use on a regular basis close by and things that are distracting or that you rarely use, out of sight. Personal objects are nice, as long as they don’t interfere with productivity.

Your Desk
This is where you will spend a great deal of time. Not everyone has the luxury of space, but no matter the location, make it functional, comfortable, and a place you look forward to coming back to each day.

Take a Break
So many entrepreneurs are known to start and end the day in the same spot, their desk. Take a break from the computer, even for 5 minutes each hour. Some ideas are:

  • Take a walk outside
  • Walk your dog
  • Call a friend but begin the conversation with “I only have 5 minutes” and stick to it. Better yet, schedule the conversation so it’s on your calendar.
  • Use a device such as a Fitbit that reminds you to walk 250 steps. This is easy to do in under 5 minutes and this will clear your mind and keep your blood flowing. No device? Set an alarm on your computer or phone.
  • Be creative, there are a lot of things you can do in 5 minutes

Need a real break and want to getaway? Take advantage of the benefits of utilizing a virtual services company when needed to use their conference room, a temporary day office, or, their open area where you can “safely” meet other small business owners.

There are so many opportunities to find to be productive, without sacrificing your well-being. If you’re self-employed, this will pay off in the long run. And if you work for a company, they’ll appreciate the fact that you have a clear head and are truly focused when working.

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