You may offer the same products/services as some of the “big boys,” but what happens if you receive a large order or colossal project? If you’re a small business with limited staff, or it’s just you, and if that were the only task you needed to tackle, it would be easy. However, we know you have many hats to wear, and when you must juggle them all, something will most certainly fall through the cracks, and that big client, is now upset, and you’ve lost their business.

Outsourcing not only relieves you of some of the pressure, and the stress that goes with it, but makes you look better to your potential customers/clients. It places you at a different level, no matter your size, and helps you to remain competitive.

Are you considering hiring staff to help? If you’re ready financially, that’s great, but if it means putting financial stress on the business, that’s not good. Outsourcing tasks to the right company will give you access to quality services at a much lower cost as you won’t have to pay salary/benefits/bonus to an employee. Not to mention the overhead that comes with each additional person. Plus, if you’re clear on the project(s), you usually won’t need to manage the process, but review the final work, which frees up even more valuable time.

Not sure where to start? We recommend you start small and go from there. Hiring a third-party to answer your phones is one of the biggest stress-reducers as not only will you look professional to existing and future clients, it will allow you to continue to work without interruption. It’s incredible how many people prefer a real person versus voicemail to answer the phone, as it projects a higher level of customer service, which is extremely important in today’s busy world. A friendly voice is much nicer than the need to press several buttons to leave a message. It also reduces the amount of “phone tag,” which in itself is a big difference.

There are many other opportunities to outsource, such as marketing, accounting, legal, human resources, and more. Choose the areas where you need the most help and usually aren’t the expert first, and then go from there.

The opportunity to focus on your core business, increase your client base, and looking like a star to your customers/clients, is WORTH IT!

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