The global pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of daily life and it feels like uncertainty is all we can expect for the time being.

Change is a normal part of daily life – adjusting to varying conditions and forces in and out of our control. But the current climate of “not knowing” is something none of us has ever faced before.

Our society assumes that things will continue to go pretty much the way they have. We are used to operating within a standard set of boundaries and are just beginning to understand what happens when those boundaries which define “business as usual” go away — on a global basis no less.

Business, as usual, has become “work from home” for many people. Supporting mobile workers and anytime/anywhere access models are not nice-to-have items any longer.

Having a means to continue the operation and allowing workers to do their jobs while away from the office has become a business imperative. Schools are forced into distance learning models, and physicians have instituted virtual doctor visits. Via remote is the way most things are getting done right now.

There are a great many reasons why moving into a cloud-hosted situation is a good idea. Creating predictability in IT costs is a big reason. Increasing the fault-tolerance of the systems is also important, as is improving performance while not over-purchasing for possible future needs. Knowing you can expand or reduce resources at any time is a proven advantage.

All that said, today it is all about having the access your workers need while building a level of agility in the system to enable meeting changing requirements.

We can agree that things are changing, so adapting your business IT strategy to adjust to change simply makes sense.

About the Author
Luis Zapien of Mendelson Consulting

Noobeh’s QuickBooks on Azure servers are custom-built for your business with all of the software you require to succeed and grow your business. We work with clients and their tech teams to deliver robust and reliable corporate infrastructure that serves business needs.

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