How often do you think about security when it comes to your workplace? Many of us work remotely, but some are working out of their physical company office. And since many buildings are not bustling with coworkers, whether in your own space or another business in the building, it means it’s a little quieter with fewer people around.

We’re not trying to scare you, but there are steps you can take to be proactive about your safety and the security of others.

At home, we tend to be more mindful, but we can take it for granted at work.
The fact is that security is everyone’s responsibility, and you can help by following some of these guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
  • Take steps to prevent those that shouldn’t be there from simply walking into your office or building. You can do this with access keys or magnetic card, especially for those after-hour visitors.
  • If someone unfamiliar walks in, make sure everyone in your company knows to ask if they need assistance. There’s no reason to be rude as they may be a legitimate visitor, but if not, this will put them on alert that you are aware of their existence in your space. If you’re alone, set up a system to alert someone in the back to join you in the front area, so you’re not alone.
  • Be aware at all times. Little things could mean trouble, so it’s imperative to be on your toes. For instance, if you see an entry door propped open, even slightly, when you arrive, close it and walk around the property and wait for someone else to come before entering.

If you can help it, never leave your office’s front area unattended unless you can lock the entrance doors.

  • Always keep valuables such as purses, cash, or valuable documents, out of sight and locked in a drawer or dedicated spot.
  • When you need that inevitable office repair made, don’t allow the person to roam the office freely. Assign someone to politely follow him/her letting them know it’s so they have someone available to answer questions or direct them where to go.
  • During the “winter” months when it’s darker earlier, buddy up with a coworker or, if your building has one, a security guard to walk with you to your car.
  • Always take out your keys before walking to your car. There’s nothing worse than fumbling through your purse or pockets, which can make you vulnerable as you’re not paying attention to your surroundings.
  • Finally, don’t be fooled by a common practice of thieves where they engage in conversation, only to scout your office space for a later, unsolicited visit. Put a sign on your doors that says something like “Soliciting Prohibited.” This best practice makes it easy for you to turn them away and ask them to call the office should they wish to speak to someone in particular.
Take these proactive, preventive security measures to ensure your office and property’s safety. And as always, call 9-1-1 immediately if you notice suspicious activity.
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