Do you complete one task and get overwhelmed because there are always more waiting? We’ve come up with some tips that can give you back some valuable time so you can “get busy” enjoying life!
Give Yourself a Break

It’s tough to keep working at the highest productivity level. Try something different and work in shorter spurts when you’re typically most productive. Choose the time of day where you usually get the most accomplished.

Use a Timer
When you have a timer, it helps to keep you focused so that you can avoid distractions like:
  • Phone
  • Email Notifications
  • Multiple Web Browsers Open

If you exceed that time, it’s okay, but it could mean you need to move on to something else and come back to that more extensive project. It all comes down to what makes you the most productive.

Is Music a Motivator or a Distraction?

For many, having music playing in the background can keep you moving forward and help you focus. For others, it may be too much for your senses. Again, do what works for you, and of course, the type of music plays a role. Test it and see what works best.

Do You Love What You Do?

The biggest motivator for most is to love what you do. Not all tasks will be fun, but if you’re doing something that makes you happy, not only will you enjoy it, you’ll excel at it.

Ready, Set, Go!

The hardest part for many is getting started. Just do it!

Once you begin working on a task, you’ll get into the rhythm that keeps you moving forward.

Take Notes Throughout the Day

Do you feel like you forget essential tasks, thoughts, or critical ideas? If you keep a notebook handy, you can jot these items down as needed, and then you won’t have that nagging feeling of worrying about what you’ve potentially forgotten.

Take those ideas and add them to your to-do list, whether in an MS document or online project management system.

Food, Food, Food

Finding time to eat is important, and it will be even more manageable and less time-consuming if you plan ahead. You can make many things ahead for the week, and you’ll find you’re eating better and more consistently. Make sure your grocery list reflects what you have planned.

Sleep is the Best Productivity Inducer

There are so many who don’t get enough sleep, and it could be because you have so much on your brain that you worry you’ve missed something.

The notebook tactic, as mentioned above, can help.
Get Your Exercise

Everyone has a different routine or none at all. It’s important to get up and move every hour to boost your energy. Set an hourly alarm, or purchase one of the many fitness watches out there that automatically reminds you. Taking a short walk at lunch is also a great way to maximize your productivity.

Get Organized

Wading through piles of paper is a huge distraction and is also a common way to miss those crucial files. Keep your desk clean, so your mind is clear.

CLICK HERE for a great article talking about organizing your desk.
Outsourcing is Your Friend
Suppose you’re a small business or one-person operation. In that case, outsourcing to a qualified virtual services firm can not only help you complete those time-sensitive projects but will allow your business to grow since you would now have the ability to scale.
Hold Yourself Accountable

Do you have a colleague or friend who is excellent at motivating you? Tell him/her about your goals and ask them to hold you accountable. Do the same in return, and it’s a win-win situation.

The Word No Isn’t Always Bad

When you learn to say no, politely, you’ll discover that you’ll still have the respect of others, and you won’t be spread so thin. In this case, NO is a great word.

Incorporate Exciting Goals Into Your Week

What do you do when you finish a big project or a pile of tasks?

Create a reward for each completion, so you’re more highly motivated and have something to look forward to at the end.
Prioritize Your To-Do’s

When you list your tasks in order of priority, it will be clear what absolutely must be finished, and if necessary, those with lower priority can be rolled over to the next day if needed.

By practicing some of the above suggestions, you will become more motivated and become known for finishing what you started in a quality manner.


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