If you’re a small business and have a heart of gold, but not a lot of expendable dollars, there are many ways you can give back to your community in the form of donated time or even the services you offer.

Giving back is good for your heart and shows the community where you live and work that you care. These actions result in more exposure for your business and an increase in the support you receive from your company. It’s important to know what you are doing, make good choices, and budget your time and money in places where they can be most effective!

Pursue Your Passion
When choosing a cause to back on behalf of your business, it’s always best to look toward something where you are passionate. You will fight harder and longer for something that holds a place in your heart. For example, if you love animals, consider raising money for a local animal shelter or going with your employees to volunteer. There are lots of dogs and cats without a home that need a friend in these places.

Maybe helping underprivileged children is a passion of yours. Consider enrolling in a big brother/big sister program or donating your time or money to organizations specializing in community outreach like the Boys and Girls club.

Time Can Be More Valuable than Money
While monetary donations to charities are always encouraged and appreciated, sometimes the gift of your time, attention, and talents can go a long way. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or an after-school program can significantly impact a person’s life. Even agreeing to foster animals looking for their forever home can help spread kindness and love in a world that truly needs it.

Whether you’re making a financial, personal, or professional difference in the world, there are causes that need your attention and care. Look inside yourselves as businessmen and women. What gets you excited and motivated? How can you apply your resources, time, and talents to the betterment of that cause? We all depend upon the kindness of strangers at some point in time.

Pay it forward, and leave your mark upon the world!


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