Do you wish your team had more excitement about starting the workday? You want to motivate them, but not sure how to accomplish that? To follow are some ideas that may help keep them happy:

  • Recognize success
  • Set clear goals
  • Provide growth opportunities
  • Offer flexible work hours
  • Provide the necessary tools
  • Hold team-building exercises

These are some more opportunities to make them happy, productive, and successful:

Offer Collaboration Spaces

When team members work together on a project, give them the right space to get creative and come together. No longer, for now, can we huddle in one person’s cubicle or a small conference room. You may be able to accomplish this virtually in a break-out online room, but to inspire creativeness; perhaps they can meet at a park sitting at opposite ends of a picnic table.

Create a Routine Opportunity for Bonding

Give your team something they look forward to participating with employees.

Perhaps it’s an outdoor BBQ or a monthly happy hour in an outdoor space, and if you don’t feel comfortable, it can be on a virtual call.

This “ritual” is a good time for them to share vacation stories or show off their four-legged fur babies. You’ll see the team and relationship building happen in an environment other than while under work pressure.

Allow Them to “Own” a Project

You’ll be amazed at how happy an employee will be if they know you notice their skills and ideas.

When you give them ownership of a particular project and allow them to work on it from the beginning to end, they can showcase their talents and take pride in their work.

When you do that, they’ll, in turn, show their support when you give another team member a lead role on another project.

Give Them Additional Time Off

We know it may seem counterproductive to offer more time off to increase productivity, but that is precisely what more vacation time can bring. When employees are getting ready for time off, they work extra hard to get all their work done before they leave, and this can drive more significant results from your team. Of course, you will want to make sure they perform the job correctly and let them know in advance that this is a factor for future surprise “time off” opportunities.

The key is to keep your employees happy, so they enjoy working with you, and your business can benefit from all the productivity.

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