Safety is not always our favorite topic, and we don’t want to scare you, but we’re not always as proactive as we should be when it comes to security in the workplace. While we take extra steps to secure our home, we tend to be more lackadaisical regarding workplace safety.

You may think it’s not your responsibility, but the fact is, everyone plays a role in ensuring a safe environment.

To follow are some fundamental tips to make your workplace more secure and help prevent theft.

  • When you have an unknown visitor walking through your office, ask them politely if they need assistance. If the person doesn’t belong there, most likely, he/she will leave immediately. If they cannot respond in an answer that lets you know why they’re there, then it’s time to alert security or a supervisor.
  • Never let anyone you don’t know into the building with your keys or access card when you enter or leave after regular business hours.
  • If there is an entry door propped open when you leave, close it. It could be that it was left open accidentally, but if not, it’s better to be safe than sorry to avoid someone sneaking in later.
  • During the “winter” months, when we lose light much earlier, it’s wise to consider a buddy system so that you leave with another trusted person at night. This system works even if it’s still light, where the parking area is private (i.e., a dark multiplex garage).
  • Always take your keys out of your pocket or purse BEFORE leaving the building. Ladies, very important, don’t attempt to locate your keys once you reach the car. Get into your vehicle quickly and immediately lock the doors.
  • Don’t give a thief reason a reason to break into your car. Make sure to hide all valuables and keep your doors locked.
  • Do the best you can never to leave your reception area unattended or entrance doors propped open.
  • Not everyone is honest so keep your valuables (purse, cash, etc.) out of sight by locking them in a desk drawer or file cabinet if that option is available.
  • From time to time, you may require office repairs. Never let the repair personnel roam your office. Assign a company employee to accompany them to the area where the repairs need to be performed.

We’ve talked about some of the necessary precautions, but some scenarios can distract even the best of us.

A professional will engage in conversation while taking a mental note of your office area and then return later. A thief may also call and fabricate a reason for you to leave the office while an accomplice enters and steals from you. Many times they act as legitimate salespeople, and it can be difficult to tell the difference.

In summary, security is everyone’s responsibility. Take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your office and property.

And as always, if you notice suspicious activity, call 9-1-1 immediately.

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