Have you completely suspended your marketing efforts due to the COVID-19 virus? Have you already learned how to remain top-of-mind with your target audience and existing customers/clients? Or, are you frozen in time and not sure what to do?

For many of us, this time is a considerable challenge, and as usual, business is no longer the go-to for how we get the word out about our products or services. On top of it all, is it wise to invest the money you usually do when everyone is so distracted? Many businesses are closed, and some products and services are no longer a necessary expense.

In this current climate, is it even appropriate to continue to do marketing? The answer is yes, but in most instances, it will require a different approach. You’re not surprised, are you?

Make sure that your approach is clear, and the timing is right. You want your customers and prospects to know that you are still doing business, even though it may be slightly different. You may have reverted to primarily online sales, reduced hours, or different shipping schedules.

So how can you continue to remain relevant? To follow are some relatively easy ideas to not only keep your business out there but also show that you are empathetic to the current situation.

To follow are some simple ideas that may make a big difference in how your audience perceives your business:

  • Update your company telephone voicemail and on-hold messages to include a simple, supportive statement.
  • Show your support on the main section of your website. Perhaps add some of the ways you’re making the needed changes during COVID-19. Make it easy for them to know how you’re currently operating such as new hours, reduced staff, an increase in the use of technology, etc
  • Reach out to your existing companies, vendors, and employees, to let them know you are available to help. Talk about examples of how you can assist as many people may be too overwhelmed to realize what help they need.
  • This is an excellent time to build on your existing prospect list, if not for now, for the future when things calm down. Research to locate those who may be your target.
  • Do you have a product or service that you could donate to assist others? You will get the opportunity to work with them directly, and if they’re happy, they’ll remember you for it when times improve and refer you to others.
  • Reduce customer order cancellations, or prompt more sales, by offering discounts or free financing.
  • Give virtual presentations that talk about your product or service while providing excellent information to help your attendees. Choose your list wisely (i.e., qualified prospects), and give out gift cards ($10-$20 to a third-party online store) to entice them to attend.
  • Let social media be your friend to get the message out there, without exploiting the pandemic. Be creative in your thinking to inform, be helpful, and provide exciting promotions.
  • If you have a reduction in staff, considering hiring a third-party reception service to ensure the calls generated by your efforts are answered.

Keep Things Moving Forward

Being creative doesn’t have to be expensive. Your clients and customers may have reduced their spending, which is understandable, but they are still looking toward the future. When you remain top-of-mind in a positive fashion throughout the slow times, they’ll remember it when things improve, and they’re ready to spend money again.

About the Author
Pamela Rogan of Rogan Marketing and Communications

Pamela Rogan is the President and CEO of Rogan Marketing and Communications, a full-service outsourced firm where they play the role of a marketing department for their clients. They also manage individual projects such as website development, newsletters & blogs, public relations, and strategic consulting.

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