If you’re a small business, more than likely, a home office is the logical place to start. You save on overhead while you work to grow your business. And, if done correctly, it will be seamless if you take professional measures.

To follow are some suggestions to a successful remote business:

Designated Workspace
It’s essential to set up space in your home that is 100% dedicated to your business. If that’s impossible, do the best you can but try to have a clear separation, so you think/act professionally in that location. This setup will help you to differentiate between your personal and professional life.

Technology at Home
It’s critical to include the right technology to operate as a productive business. Now more than ever, seeing your customers and clients is crucial to allow for a warmer conversation. It also allows you to observe body language to determine how a discussion is going. Make sure you have an account with a reputable company; many are free to schedule face-to-face meetings easily.

Get Your Internet Up to Speed
Do you have multiple people in the home who also need the Internet simultaneously (i.e., your kids may be FaceTiming, gaming, and homeschooling)? This will most likely slow your connection and download speeds. Move as close as you can to your Wi-Fi router as that can help increase the bandwidth. Or call your Internet provider to ensure you’re getting what’s promised in your subscription.

Minimize Distractions
Consider investing in noise-canceling headphones if you have a barking dog or a landscaper working outside your windows. Do you receive regular deliveries? We advise creating a sign that says, “Please do not knock or ring the bell; thank you.” The delivery driver doesn’t always abide by your wishes, but it will reduce the number of doorbell rings that can interrupt a call with a client or jumpstart a protective pup.

Remain Social So You Clear Your Brain
Some people enjoy working alone, but even the most introverted appreciate some friendly conversation. Consider setting up a video chat with a friend or colleague for lunch. Time it on your calendars so that you don’t forget about work. You’ll go back to the “job” with a clearer head.

Virtual Address
Consider using a virtual service to collect your mail. This best practice gives you a professional address, not a P.O. Box, which looks much better on your website and business cards.

In summary, remember everything you do during business hours is a reflection on you and your company. Have fun, but keep things professional as you grow your business.


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