You’ve started a business, and it’s now time to expand and grow your client base.

The challenge is you feel as though you are trapped in limbo as you don’t have enough revenue to hire some help or move into an office. You know you have the potential to grow, but if you try to do it all on your own, not only do you look like you cannot manage growth but, you will become so overwhelmed that there will be items that fall between the cracks. And usually, it’s the work you’re doing for your clients.

Are you actively networking or performing marketing activities that are attracting qualified business leads? If so, what happens when the potential customer or client calls and they have to navigate through your voicemail system. If you try to answer all the calls personally, how will it affect your performance when you cannot focus on the work that produces revenue?

We’ve talked in the past about the benefits of outsourcing key tasks that not only reduce some of the pressure for you but also make you look like the professional company you want to be.

One of the first tasks we recommend you outsource is hiring a service that can answer your calls, as they happen, not, in a day or so. After all, when someone is ready to hire a company like yours, they want the instant satisfaction of knowing there is a “live” person to help them. Just this one activity will help you realize more business opportunities as many will hang up and go to the next recommendation if they are forced into voicemail.

Some of the real benefits are:

Demonstrating Your High Level of Service Even Before You Talk to Them
Most people hate voicemail, and the price isn’t always the critical deciding factor, customer service is. Start the relationship off right from the start with a professional answering service.

No More Telephone Tag
If you’re doing what you should be, there’s no way you can be “in the office” at all times. You don’t necessarily want all calls forwarded to your cell phone as that is an unprofessional approach unless, of course, you are ALWAYS able to answer each call.

Fill the gap by having your calls answered during the business hours you choose. A good service will work with you to answer the phone in a manner that matches your brand and gets the call to you on a schedule you determine. Plus, they can let the person on the other end know when they can anticipate a return call. By talking to a live person, this puts potential and existing customers and clients at ease.

Referrals Are the Best Leads
When someone refers a client to your business, they want to know the call will be answered, as they are putting their stamp of approval on your company. Keep those referrals coming by making them look good with your professionalism from the beginning.

Immediate Results
How much time do average scheduling, phone calls, and other activities? A good answering service is also available to schedule, and cancel if needed, appointments based on YOUR calendar. Do you have a list of frequently asked questions? They can work with you to create a script that answers questions without the need to wait for you to return the call.

Ready to grow your business?

Hire a third-party answering service and watch the stress disappear, while the new business appears.

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