Thanksgiving is the day we let our friends and family know how thankful we are to have them in our lives. And for most of us, this gratitude ritual makes us feel good and brings a smile to the face of those we love.
What if we kept this good feeling going and continue to reap the good feelings that come with Thanksgiving by making it part of our daily lives?
To follow are some suggestions to remind yourself of what’s important and continue to be as giving as we are on this one day.
Do you take things for granted?

Change your mindset, and instead of the things you take for granted, think of them as something you are gifted. You may respect what you have all that much more.

Isolate the importance of a key person in your life?
What if this person wasn’t in your life? Would your existence be better or worse? Many times we take for granted people who make our lives better. Make sure to thank this person regularly and show your appreciation by making a difference in their lives, too.
Be the giver.

When we give something away, it allows you to reflect on how you feel when you are the receiver. When we knowingly bring happiness to ourselves and others, it reflects in everything we do.

Reduce ungrateful thoughts.
When you continuously think others are better off than you are or that this isn’t how you expected life to turn out, you not only bring yourself down, but this attitude can affect those around you. Begin being thankful for the pieces that make up your life: your family, your pets, your friends, and your job. Positive behavior begets positive results.
Praise someone who deserves it.

Do you know someone at work or a friend who donates his/her time volunteering?

Thank them publicly by acknowledging what they’re doing behind the scenes as they’ll never tout that themselves. You will both benefit from this act of kindness.

We wish you a very wonderful Thanksgiving, and even during these uncertain times, we hope that you remain as thankful as we are for all that we have, no matter how big or small.
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